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About Abbe McCracken

Charlotte ChildrenTHE PHOTOGRAPHER

My name is Abbe. Welcome to my online photography home! I am a wife and the mom of 2 human whirlwinds and 1 fluffy canine. I am also a child and family photographer serving Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Photography is more than a passion of mine, it’s my lifestyle. My goal with every session is to create an enjoyable, seamless experience for your family all while capturing joyful, candid and modern images you will treasure forever. Parents always ask, “what if my kid doesn’t listen?” My answer: that’s actually perfect. Don’t tell your children I said so, but personalities shine when listening ears fail. I welcome the silly. I want the giggles. I watch for honest smiles, real connections and stolen family moments too – the husband admiring his wife, the child exploring a new path, the mother and son snuggling. With me, you get it all. 

God’s natural light is my favorite tool – filtering through the trees in your backyard, flooding in your windows, filling a park with warm brilliant tones. It’s important to me to capture your reality. My reality? I love my life. Sure my kids fight and the dog makes a mess, but I wouldn’t trade it. My pantry is an organizational dream, but I can’t cook worth a flip. I’m pretty close to expert level on Just Dance 4 and yes, I used to clog at Dollywood. Originally from Tennessee, my husband and I lived and worked in New York City, Chicago and Atlanta prior to calling Charlotte our forever home.

You can always see my latest work on the blog and find me on Facebook, Instagram and Google+. I’d love to connect with you and start documenting the important family moments in your life.   

I’m a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and the recent winner of 3 major family photography awards here in Charlotte – Charlotte Smarty Pants’ Best Family Photographer (2016 & 2015), Hulafrog South Charlotte’s Most Loved Family Photographer and Charlotte Parent Readers’ Favorite Family Photographer.

Thank you for taking time to learn about my work and yes, it really is Abbe with just an /e/. It’s unique and memorable, exactly what I want for your photography experience with me.

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Kate McCracken, "The Intern" at Abbe McCracken Photography in Charlotte, NCTHE INTERN

This is Kate. She is the intern here at Abbe McCracken Photography. She shoots mainly with an iTouch and a hand-me-down Casio Exilim. Kate loves taking pictures of her dog, Max, and has been known to bribe her brother with candy if he will pose for shots. She says it’s important to test lighting, positions and poses . . . I have no idea where she gets this stuff!  

Kate is also our resident videographer. (She specializes in herself). VideoStar is her favorite app and she is both the talent in front of the camera and behind it. The kid can disappear for 20 minutes and come back with a pretty incredible, VMA-worthy product. Kate also loves to write. She plans to contribute “Kid Tips” to the blog in hopes of inspiring the younger set to have fun with their cameras too. You can thank me later.



Jay McCracken, "The Shopkeeper" at Abbe McCracken Photography in Charlotte, NC


This is Jay. He runs a “photography shop” in our playroom. Apparently you can rent really nice – yet cheap – lenses here, or so he says. I rented an 85mm lens from him once that looked just like an empty toilet paper roll. He promised it was top of the line and offered to refund my $1 if I was not fully satisfied. He also sells camera batteries that are oddly akin to legos.  

Occasionally the shop morphs into a “brand new photography studio” – managed, of course, by ONLY Jay. He serves snacks while you discuss attire, timing and other important details. It’s an unforgettable experience.



Max McCracken, the Tibetan Terrier often seen on Abbe McCracken Photography


This is Max. He’s not nearly as productive as the rest of the aforementioned staff. However, he is the calming force on a crazy day. He’s the one who reminds us all to take a walk, enjoy the fresh air, nap in the sun and ask unabashedly for what you want … eventually someone will say yes to that belly rub.

Max loves kids, treats, and stealing socks. I’m issuing a family challenge to see who can catch him on film, sock-in-mouth, totally busted. Stay tuned.