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I miss when my babies were this little. Everything was so wide-eyed and full of wonder and joy. First smiles, first steps, first sweets … the milestones at this age just go on and on. It’s such a unique time of development, no longer a newborn and yet not quite a toddler either. I didn’t fully appreciate it when my kids were babies, but now as a baby photographer I see it daily and thus miss it even more. When photographing young children, I capture the love, the snuggles, the yawns, the adorable little details and the pure sweetness that is this age. My baby photography – like my photography style – showcases real family connections and honest moments. That is what I hope you see in the pictures below. Click here for blog posts of my latest baby photo sessions. Please visit my children’s photography gallery for modern portraits of older kids.

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Black and white portrait of a mother snuggling her baby boy.

A black and white candid portrait of a mother snuggling her baby boy. He is so happy in her arms. To me, this image just screams motherhood, love, connection and joy – all the things I aim to capture. 

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Child & Baby Portraits 2016_02

The photograph above was taken during this handsome boy’s at-home 1st birthday session. I adore all the details in this very clean, bright image – his big eyes, first four teeth, those precious curls of hair and yes, the drool. Below is a picture with his siblings just before our cake smash. 

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Child & Baby Portraits 2016_03

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Child & Baby Portraits 2016_04

For me, this picture perfectly captures life with a toddler – lots of love and full speed ahead. I love the parents’ open arms and joyful expressions as much as I love the toddler’s movement. The image was photographed in Charlotte’s Freedom Park. I’m always drawn to the leading lines of this wooden bridge and have photographed it many times over the years. It was renovated late 2015 but the image above, taken in 2016, shows it in its current form. See more of this spring family session on the blog

Daddy tosses baby Reid in the air after his christening at Myers Park Methodist Church, Charlotte NCDaddy tossing baby Reid in the air after his christening at Myers Park Methodist Church, Charlotte, North Carolina. I love how their bodies are parallel to the tree trunk and how the viewer’s eye leads up to baby Reid and out the massive canopy of this amazing old tree.

Baby girl learning to crawl on the wooden bridge in Freedom Park, Charlotte NC

Babies are full of wonder and amazement especially this baby girl learning to crawl on the wooden bridge in Charlotte’s Freedom Park.

Precious baby bottom covered in adorable monogrammed bloomers

Look at this precious baby bottom covered in adorable monogrammed bloomers! I love this backside view of tummy time.

Family of three sitting a sunny spot reading to their baby girl, black and white image

Pictured above is an early-morning, quiet moment … sometimes rare with young babies. The light streaming in above and behind this family adds to the peaceful nature of the entire scene. 

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Child & Baby Portraits 2016_05

High flying and adored! This toddler is loving her daddy-daughter time in Charlotte’s Freedom Park.  

Image of a mother tickling her baby boy, from fall family photography session

There are several things I hope viewers see and feel when they look at my work. Joy and connection are two of those. This image of a mother tickling her baby boy has both. It was captured during a fall family photography session in Charlotte’s Freedom Park. The rest of the family was taking a well-deserved donut break.

One-year-old baby girl making her parents laugh as she uses her new walking skills in a beautiful fall setting - Independence Park, Charlotte NC

Another image of joy and connection. I’m addicted. It’s hard to be a baby photographer and not love joy. This one-year-old baby girl is making her parents laugh as she uses her new walking skills in the beautiful fall setting of Independence Park, Charlotte NC.

Father holding his one year old daughter up in the air, sparkly yellow fall bokeh in background

This daddy-daughter duo always makes me smile. They adore each other and the connection between father and his baby girl is crystal clear. I love the green and yellow colors in this image and the beautiful yellow bokeh in trees of Charlotte’s Freedom Park. 

One-year-old baby boy hands exploring the leaf he found in Freedom Park, Charlotte NC

Details are important at any age but especially in growing babies because they change so fast. While shooting portraits of this one-year-old baby boy, I noticed that he picked up a leaf and started exploring it. Baby fingers and hands are irresistible to me.

Beautiful baby girl looking over her daddy

Connections don’t always have to be among the subjects in a photo. They can be with the baby photographer too! This brown-eyed baby girl couldn’t stop batting those gorgeous lashes at me. I ate it up.

Beautiful, big-eyed baby girl looking over her mother

Here’s another gorgeous baby girl with amazing subject-photographer eye contact. Her mama is stealing kisses while I steal shots of those expressive eyes.

Image of a young girl lying on the floor with her baby doll

This peaceful image of a young girl lying on the floor with her baby doll was actually taken in the midst of a crowded Bar Mitzvah reception area. My choice of black and white adds to the softness of the moment by eliminating the competing colors in her dress and the graphic carpet. I love the juxtaposition of her body and the lines of the flooring.

An adorable one-year-old baby girl showing signs of teething

I’ve photographed this sweet girl many times over the years including her newborn photos, her 1st birthday, multiple family photo sessions and most recently, an in-home newborn session to welcome her baby brother. This image always makes me pause because her eyes are so expressive and honest. I love how the lighting brings her out of the shadows and how that tiny hand in her month gives us a peek of two new baby teeth. 

Baby girl in her crib playing peek-a-boo with her mother

A baby girl in her crib playing peek-a-boo with her adoring mama.

Portrait of a baby girl sitting tall amongst her favorite toys, chewing the bright yellow toy

Portrait of a baby girl sitting tall amongst her favorite toys and most likely teething as she chews on a bright yellow toy. The simple, clean lines of this portrait and the pops of youthful color against a soft background make this image a favorite for me.

Landscape portrait of a young family of 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina

A family portrait photographed during the fall at Charlotte’s Freedom Park. This type of portrait showcases the gorgeous location as much as it does the precious family of three. I like to call these types of environmental portraits “little family in a big world.”

Picture of a grandfather carrying his grandson down a rainy path in Charlotte North Carolina

Occassionally rain makes us think fast and move even faster during a session. Normally we simply reschedule but this family of 15+ had traveled from out of town. It took a lot of planning to gather the troops and I wanted to make this session happen for them. We choose Freedom Park because the covered bandshell is a great back-up plan when rain might come into play. In this image, grandpa is carrying his grandson down the rainy path to the bandshell where we finished the session. The rest of the family can be seen walking ahead with umbrellas.

Spring family portrait featuring happy baby girl. Family dressed in blues, yellows and greens of spring.

Spring family portrait featuring such a happy baby girl. This family of three picked a perfect palette of spring blues, yellows and greens.


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 Abbe McCracken is an award-winning, natural light photographer specializing in joyful baby, child and family photography. Abbe serves the Charlotte, NC metro area including Matthews, Ballantyne, Blakeney, Weddington and beyond. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and is the two-time recipient of Charlotte Smarty Pants’ Best Family Photographer (2016, 2015). Other recent awards include Hulafrog South Charlotte’s Most Loved Family Photographer and Charlotte Parent Readers’ Favorite Family Photographer.