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In-home Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Charlotte NC

In-home newborn lifestyle photography means exactly that – amazing pictures captured in the comfort of your own home. It’s the most convenient and personal way to document this unique and special time – they will never be that small again. Your life will never be the same again. My approach focuses on both of these truths by capturing the smallness of your new baby and the fullness of your new life – all through modern, in-home newborn lifestyle photography. Incorporating the baby’s new environment into your images is a huge part of documenting those few first days of life – the nursery, the rocker, the family snuggling in bed, the siblings peeking into the crib and yes, the family pets too. I love all of these in-home moments – they are always special, always personal, always you.  There’s just something so unique about having a photographer come into your home and capture the spirit of your growing family.

Thank you for taking time to view my newborn lifestyle photography and all these precious babies in the greater Charlotte area. You can watch the slide show of images here or scroll down for a different view of some of my favorite newborn photos, plus some thoughts on each.


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toddler big sister kissing newborn baby sister at home on her big girl bed

Sibling shots are a must in my opinion. They don’t get much sweeter than this toddler sharing her big girl bed and a kiss with her new baby sister. I love the atmosphere that being at home – and being surrounded by girly pinks – adds to this image.

mother snuggling her newborn son during an in-home newborn lifestyle photography session - black and white

I love the simplicity of this newborn image. From the neutral clothing to the blank guest room wall, this image will always be a favorite. I also adore baby boy’s striped pants, white onesie and perfect fit in his mother’s arms. The simplicity of it all showcases the moment. See more of their in-home newborn session on the blog.

Mother and her toddler daughter at home with newborn baby girl

The natural light in this nursery room was simply dreamy to photograph. So was the symmetry. And the decor. And the gorgeous subjects. Daddy is one lucky man and baby Quinn sure has lots of adoring eyes on her.
Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Newborn Lifestyle Portraits 2016_07

Here is another amazingly styled nursery and good looking family! Baby boy was wide-eyed for me during his entire session. I love his eye-contact with the camera here … makes me feel like part of the family hug. See more of his lifestyle newborn session on the blog.

big brother standing on crib to give newborn baby brother a toy - black and white

This awesome (and adorably preppy) big brother just wanted to share a toy with his newborn baby brother. This is such a tender moment between brothers who will no doubt share many more things as they do life together. This at home newborn session was featured on the blog, check it out here: Sweet Baby James.

wide-eyed newborn baby boy at home swaddled in a monkey blanket

This wide-eyed newborn baby boy was so comfy on Mom and Dad’s bed in his Aden & Anais monkey swaddle. No sleep for him!

Father cradling his newborn son to his chest - black and white

Newborn baby James looks so safe and protected in his daddy’s arms. He is so tiny compared to the strong hands that are holding him. The bold striped newborn pants, daddy’s extra scruff and the black and white conversion all add masculine touches to such a tender moment.

Newborn baby girl with a full head of black hair, asleep on a personalized blanket at home

Look at those crossed ankles! Newborn baby Eva is already such a little lady. I love incorporating personalized items, baby gifts and family heirlooms into newborn lifestyle sessions. Mom purchased this blanket herself and had a friend on-hold to monogram it in either navy or coral depending on whether they had a baby boy or a baby girl. Coral won. I love stories. And I love planning tips that help other expecting moms.

newborn baby boy with peach fuzz, asleep on a blanket at home

It’s so important to capture close ups of babies because they change so quickly. This newborn baby boy had gorgeous blond eyelashes, adorable back rolls and a full body of blonde peach fuzz. He looks like an angel sleeping here and, as I recall, was one during our whole session.

big sister giving newborn baby sister eskimos kisses - black and white

The connection between these two snuggling sisters is undeniable. Older siblings are able to confidently support new babies which makes for a lot of variety in images. I love how baby girl fits perfectly in the lines of older sisters legs and arms. The nose-to-nose Eskimo kiss reinforces their immediate strong bond.

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Newborn Lifestyle Portraits 2016_06

Baby Prescott was determined not to sleep – at all – during his newborn lifestyle session. He was wide-eyed and full of personality the entire time. I feel certain that in the picture above he’s thanking his mom for amazing nursery.

new mom at home holding her newborn baby boy as he sleeps on her chest

A brand new mom at home holding her newborn baby boy as he sleeps on her chest. The light spilling into this bedroom adds to the peaceful, serene feeling of the image.

parents sitting on a bed admiring their newborn baby girl

Two adoring parents cradling each other and their newborn baby girl. Bedrooms always make cozy spots for in-home newborn lifestyle images. The softness of the bedding – and in this case of the neutral palette too – lends beautifully to newborn sessions.

mother and newborn son rocking in the nursery - black and white

A mother and her newborn son rocking in his nursery. The connection between mother and son is so strong here. He knows he is looking at his mama and she is relishing this quiet time with her third baby. Click here to see more pictures of Sweet Baby James.

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Newborn Lifestyle Portraits 2016_08

Newborns make such funny expressions. I love to capture

Mother snuggling her newborn baby girl as she sleeps

This baby girl has a full head of dark hair just like her gorgeous mama. I love how mom is studying her and taking in that distinct new baby smell. Baby girl is so sleepy and content with her mama by her side.

Family of five snuggled up on bed with newborn baby sister amily of four at home snuggled up on the couch for an in-home newborn lifestyle photography session

Home is where the heart is. And this home is filled with lots of love. And laughter. And that delicate balance between attending to a toddler and a newborn at the same time. This family of four looks so cozy at home on their couch. Newborn baby brother knows his rank (for now) and is just happy to be along for the ride.

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Newborn Lifestyle Portraits 2016_09

A father and newborn son bonding moment. I love the simplicity of this image and how the black and white conversion really helps the viewer focus on the emotion – baby boy crying and daddy’s gentle, patient touch. The conversion also brings out the hard lines of the stair steps and railing, making it even more masculine and providing a nice contrast to the tender moment we see.

newborn baby boy swaddled in his father

A father and newborn baby girl snuggling on the family couch. This image is a great reminder that no matter how busy life gets with a newborn, we should all kick back and relax more. All they really need is love … and food … and a clean diaper every now and then.

Abbe McCracken Photography_Charlotte NC_Newborn Lifestyle Portraits 2016_02

I have a feeling this big sister will always be watching over her little brother. In the picture above, she has climbed up on the crib to check on him. What a great big sister!



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Abbe McCracken is an award-winning, natural light photographer specializing in joyful baby, child and family photography. Abbe serves the Charlotte, NC metro area including Matthews, Ballantyne, Blakeney, Weddington and beyond. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers and is the two-time recipient of Charlotte Smarty Pants’ Best Family Photographer. Other recent awards include Hulafrog South Charlotte’s Most Loved Family Photographer and Charlotte Parent Readers’ Favorite Family Photographer.