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Escape the Charlotte Chill | British Virgin Islands

Escape with me to the Caribbean for a few minutes if you will. I promise we’ll get back to camera tips, adorable children and family photography next week. For now, let’s escape the cold. It was 8 degrees here in Charlotte, North Carolina today. EIGHT DEGREES. I know my Chicago and New York friends think that’s laughable but if you have southern blood, that’s cold. Really really cold. Between the chilly air and the ice earlier this week, I need an escape. So I’m taking a trip down memory lane and bringing you along for the sunshine and warmth of the British Virgin Islands. After all, it’s the weekend. Let’s go.

Last year my husband and some friends bid on a catamaran in a charity auction. They didn’t think there was a single chance they’d win. They won. It was an amazing deal. So off four couples went to the British Virgin Islands to sail for a whole week. It was glorious. I wish I could go every.single.year. Ryan continues to say it was once in a lifetime 😉  It was relaxing, fun and so enjoyable just cruising around the islands. We’d anchor at a new island each day, jump overboard and swim to a local watering hole. Some days we snorkeled, some days we sunbathed, some days we found shade and a good book, some days we fished while sailing. Every day was different. In honor of the freezing temperatures, let’s all pretend we are here in the BVI. This trip included stops on Tortola, Copper Island, Virgin Gorda, Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Anegada, Marina Cay, Guana Island, Jost Van Dyke and Peter Island. All unplanned. All directed by our captain, the winds and the events of the day.

Sailing the British Virgin Islands - Parking Lot at Anegada Escape to the British Virgin Islands - The Catamaran Company Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands catamaran in the British Virgin Islands

The image below was shot with my Lensbaby Composer Pro, Double Glass lens. Vacation is a great time to experiment. Lensbaby pictures have a characteristic sharp focal point and dramatic blur surrounding it. I chose to focus on the bird here. I’d like to be sitting there with him, now.  How about you? Maybe we’d better just take the lounge chairs below him.

British Virgin Islands

All of these pictures were taken with my Nikon d3000. Call me crazy but I didn’t even take my professional camera. Something about being surrounded by water and limited cabin space made me nervous. I was however still armed with multiple cameras. I took my iPhone too and one of our friends brought an underwater camera that I monopolized he shared. You’ll notice that I didn’t include many people pictures in this blog. I have them but we ran around without makeup and limited showers all week. It too was glorious. Ladies – you’re welcome.

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