I Love Holiday Cards

Which is why it is so sad that I failed to put a NEW picture of my own family on our card this year. I know. I need to practice what I preach. But this season. It was different. Yes, it was busy. Yes, I photographed many great families and high school seniors. And yes, their holiday cards are fantastic! Seeing the pictures we made on gorgeous holiday cards made opening the daily mail such a treat for me. But it was also a daily reminder that I failed. I know I need to ease up on myself. After all, it’s just a Christmas card and we did send one out. You can see it below. But Ryan and I love holiday cards. It’s one of our favorite collaborative projects and this year, we just feel short.

Let me tell you what really happened. Rain. So much rain. I don’t know if Charlotte has ever seen this much rain. Especially during fall and I would know. It’s the height of my photography year. In over six busy fall seasons, I’ve never had so many weather-related reschedules. I joke about having a second job as a meteorologist but honestly, I put in the hours. I monitored the weather 24-7 and sadly, so many shooting weekends were just washed away. That almost never happens. I’m used to a rainout here and there, but as everyone in Charlotte knows, we were stuck in a rainy weekend pattern that just didn’t break. Needless to say, I started to run out of opportunities to take a new picture of my family. And then it happened. We actually ran out of time. For real.

Having said that, I love the Year In Review card we designed at the last minute. Minted is my favorite vendor for holiday cards and they had the perfect card. I quickly pulled a few favorite iPhone images from my Instagram account and designed this in about 30 minutes . . . plus the 30 extra minutes I took to rearrange it all five times. As always, Minted printed them to perfection. I worried I had pushed the order date too late, but as always, Minted delivered them with days to spare. When the cards landed in my hands, I actually thought (because I love to torture myself): huh, maybe I DID have time to shoot a new picture.

So Happy Holidays from the McCrackens! We had a fabulous 2018 and putting this card together reminded me how lucky we are. That’s the thing with pictures, whether they are old or new, they bring back memories and make us grateful.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives this year. May 2019 bring us all happiness, gratitude and a little more stable weather.

Charlotte family photographer Abbe McCracken Christmas Card, Holiday Cards
Charlotte family photographer Abbe McCracken Christmas Card, Holiday Cards
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