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One Cool Kid | Matthews, NC Childrens Photography

This kid is the coolest.  From his tie and untucked shirt to his freckles and fashionable hair, he has cool cat written all over him.  My heart leaped when I saw that he was our ClickAway model during Elena S. Blair’s Beyond the Smile: Honest Child Portraiture.  I’ve always loved her work and jumped at the chance to shoot with her, and by “jumped” I mean stalked the conference schedule until this class opened.  I grabbed my seat and the class was full about two minutes later.  No joke.  Yeah for stalking!  Flash forward to the conference, I meet Elena and then this kid shows up.  This is how my ClickAway started … one kid, 4 totally different shots in a matter of minutes.  Amazing.  I love photographing children – big ones, little ones, baby ones too.  Stay tuned for more of my ClickAway kids.  I intended to spend most of my conference exploring new skills like the low light images I recently posted, but my heart veered towards kids over and over again.  I’m so glad I listened.   I had THE. BEST. TIME.  Being able to add this urban variety to my children’s portfolio was such a win win.  I can’t wait to start utilizing all the great urban locations in and around Charlotte and Matthews.  My head is already spinning with ideas.  Until then, meet Caden . . . one really cool kid.

one cool kid - urban boy in plaid shirt and tie standing against a colorful brick wall one cool kid - boy in urban setting with plaid shirt and blue tie one cool kid - urban boy in black and white leaning against a wall one cool kid - child portrait in urban setting

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