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Photography on the Family Farm | Charlotte NC Childrens Photographer

My friends the Kines have a family farm.  A really fun family farm with a barn, a tractor, hay bales and wide open fields as far as the eye can see. They invited me to shoot their family session there … as if I’d say no.  I said YES, site completely unseen.  Why?  Because farms are amazing.  I didn’t need to see it to know that there would be ample light of all kinds – directional light, backlight, hard shadows, soft shadows, the whole spectrum.  I knew it could be epic and I wanted to play my part.  What did concern me was whether or not the fields would be in prime photography shape on the one date we selected.  Farms change every day – produce grows, it gets cut, it gets sold, repeat.  Sometimes the crops are sparse.  Sometimes they are too tall, too abundant.  Farms are always in flux so needless to say, we didn’t really know whether our dream list would come together.  It did.  We had a back-up plan and didn’t even need it.  Everything came together so beautifully – the perfectly seasoned golden soybean crops, the hay bales (rolled and ready to go but not gone) even the weather was glorious.  I like to think it was meant to be … kinda like our friendship.   The mom pictured below owns Plan.It Design here in Belmont, North Carolina and is my own interior designer.  She is amazing and has an incredible eye for all things creative.  I’m still on cloud 9 that she entrusted me with her family art and am so proud of the images we produced.  Welcome to the Kines family farm.

family portrait on a farm portrait of brothers on the family farm brothers on the family farm siblings running across the tops of hay bales at family farm children standing in-between large hay bales telling secrets, family farm images parents admiring each other, sitting in a soybean field north of Charlotte, NC belmont, nc family on the farm young boy in a soybean field boy in a bowtie sitting on a tractor at family farm children telling stories amongst hay bales children sitting on hay bales with gorgeous sun flare boy sitting on the 2nd floor of a barn at his family farm Family portrait on a farm

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