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Clothing Tips and Attire Inspiration


  • Comfort is key. I want your personalities to shine. Pick attire that allows you the freedom to have fun. Some kids worry if they have on something fancy. And some kids, can’t wait to model their new attire. By all means, go buy – its part of the fun – just don’t make it a big deal. If you wear clothing that you feel good in, it will show.
  • Coordinate but don’t match. No reason for everyone to show up in matching khakis and Hawaiian shirts, unless you are flying us all to Hawaii for the shoot in which case I’ll match you too! You want to compliment each other by choosing colors and textures that work together. Gap and Old Navy are great places to start.
  • Wear muted colors – most of us look better with color near our faces. Again coordination is important because you don’t want to be the Crayola family. Pick a few colors and weave them through the palette.
  • Add a dash of pattern and a touch of texture. Patterns should be small and used sparingly so they don’t pull attention away from you. If one person is wearing a print, try not to add competing prints. Textures should be used for added interest – lace, denim, corduroy, smocking, ruffles. These textures bring solids to life.
  • Layer up! Layering provides visual interest and variety in your shots and poses.
  • Avoid big logos and graphics on shirts. We want to see you, not where you shopped.
  • Note the colors, decor and space in your home. We’ll keep these in mind as we plan the session so that the final images blend perfectly with your style and wall art needs.
  • Personalize it! Let young kids bring their favorite animal, toy or security blanket. These are part of who they are at this moment. We won’t use them in all the shots (in fact, we’ll barely use them at all) but just knowing they get one picture with their favorite thing is very enticing to the littles. Even the bigs can’t resist bringing a basketball or jersey.
  • Still feeling overwhelmed? Start with one person, usually the one wearing a small pattern and build from there. If your daughter is wearing a patterned dress then pull colors from her dress and think about who looks best in each color. Now look for complimentary patterns and textured solids to complete the look. Finish it with bling for mom and hair accessories for girls.
  • Remember, I’m here to help. Just be prepared for me make suggestions so please don’t wait until the last minute.


Want more ideas? Check out my curated Pinterest boards below for families and high school seniors.


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