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Baby Portraits In Freedom Park | Charlotte Family Photographer

Baby portraits are so much fun. The key is to plan ahead and be prepared. I’m happy to report, this awesome family nailed it. Mason could not have been happier for his baby portrait session at Freedom Park. Just look at that grin … and those first two baby teeth showing. I love him. As any mom will tell you, every baby has happy and grumpy moments throughout the day and in general, these moments follow a pattern. Good night’s sleep + fully belly = happy morning. I always work with my clients to identify their baby’s most awake, most alert, most animated times of day. We talk about your baby’s happy triggers and tantrums, even favorite toys, books and animals to bring to the session. It’s not an exact science because babies will be babies, but the effort we put into to planning always makes a huge difference.

Early morning was Mason’s golden hour despite the chilly temperatures. I was worried about the cold and had all my best tricks ready. Turns out Mason’s mama had a bag of tricks that rivaled mine. We might be organizational soul mates. Thank you Megan for being such a great partner in planning your family photography experience. Megan, Joel and Mason contacted me shortly after moving to Charlotte from California. I hope they loved their first fall and first family photography experience in Charlotte as much as I did. I love that Megan and Joel brought “Good Night North Carolina” to read to Mason at the end of the session. You can tell we had just about maxed out our time with him at that point … but then he bounced right back for the final shot. I mean, what a happy baby boy! Mason was about 8 months old in these baby portraits. Please visit my baby photo gallery and family photography gallery for pictures of more great families in and around Charlotte, NC. Or check out my hot new HOMEPAGE! Details below. Mason, Megan and Joel first 🙂

Baby portraits in Freedom Park - 8 month old baby boy grabbing a leaf (charlotte nc baby photographer) Baby Portraits - baby fingers grabbing a leaf 8 month old baby boy - baby portraits in Freedom Park, Charlotte NC 8 month old baby boy - baby portraits in Freedom Park, Charlotte NC fall family portrait in Freedom Park - parents and baby boy Baby Portraits - mother and 8 month old baby son in Freedom Park, Charlotte NC fall family portrait in Charlotte, NC 8 month old baby boy pictured playing with his stacking toys parents reading to baby boy in the park fall family portrait in Freedom Park - parents and baby boy

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