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Project 52: My Family Photographs

In April 2013 I started a year-long project of my own family photographyProject 52, one moment each of the 52 weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to work on this alongside some amazing professional photographers from all over the world, each of us documenting family moments in our own unique way. We’ve been energized by some of the themes, dumbstruck by others and on occasion, completely changed the theme mid-week, but we made it and I’m so thankful for these memories. My family would like you to know that they too are excited it’s over (… shhh don’t remind them that I started an equally fun 365 day project on Instagram back in January 2014 #abbemccrackenphotography365). 

Perusing 52 images is a lot to ask of anyone so here are a few of the highlights.  If you’d like to know more, I showcased my Project 52 Top 10 images along with the story behind each on the blog recently. Thank you for taking time to view my personal projects. Want to learn more about me and my style of modern family photography? Please visit my About Me page. I’ll give you a hint, people have a lot of fun when I pick up my camera. I do too! Don’t miss the “how to” tips for starting your own personal photography project at the end of this page.

young boy stops to marvel at the trees in Muir Woods

week 51: {in} awe | april 17

children climbing the rock wall at Squirrel Lake Park

week 49: peace | april 2

Church in downtown Matthews, NC edited in Waterlogue app

week 48: water {color} | march 30

silhouettes of children striking a pose in driveway

week 47: pose | march 18

portrait of a child - young boy in camouflage shirt

week 45: sweet | february 28

Child blowing white, powdery, magical snow from her hands

week 41: cold | january 29

a girl and her dog on the sidewalk

week 40: “eye”ing something special | january 13

children gathered in front of a computer to monitor the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve

week 37: low light {Santa tracker} | december 24

Max the Tibetan Terrier on graphic family room rug

week 36: pet | december 20

cousins at the Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN

week 33: family | november 30

siblings smiling for Christmas card picture

week 32: smiles | november 24

Max the Tibetan Terrier obeys his dad waits for his treat

week 30: boys | november 9

young girl dressed in vampire costume for Halloween

week 29: {halloween} eyes | october 31

father giving son baseball advise before son

week 28: dad | october 26

green succulent in Monetary, CA

week 27: flower | october 19

baseball player at bat, South Charlotte Recreation Association

week 26: game | october 12

Golden Gate Bridge taken with iPhone

week 23: today {iPhoneography} | september 10


week 20: freckles | august 21

children working together on playground

week 18: determination | august 8

silhouette of a man dunking the basketball

week 16: silhouette | july 31

child in the swimming pool

week 15: summer | july 23, 2013

children looking at their parents wedding album

week 14: memories | july 18

a sand dollar sitting in a bed of sand

week 10: bed {of sand} | june 20

dapper young man in striped bow tie, black and white

week 8: party {clothes} | june 4

funky child in rainbow colored Converse sneakers, scabs and a pink tulle skirt

week 7: girl | may 27

birthday boy straightening his tie before school

week 4: {birthday} morning | may 8, 2013

boy playing with his truck

week 2: truck | april 23, 2013

siblings snuggled in bed reading Don

week 1: comfy | april 16, 2013

Want to know more? On my blog is a post showing my Project 52 Top 10 pictures along with the story behind each picture. If you want more personal project inspiration, my Instagram 365 is a great place to start – easy peasy to capture with your mobile device and so fun to have a whole year full of daily memories.  I loved this Project 52 but I might love the IG 365 even more.  Here are two recent how to blog posts to help you start a 365 Project: Why your iPhone rocks and My iPhoneography Top 10. There are lots of great tips and apps mentioned in these two articles. I hope you’ve been inspired to start a personal project too!


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