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The iPhone is the most used camera in the world and for good reason. It takes really good pictures and it’s so easy. Simply point, shoot, edit and share . . . all within minutes of pressing the shutter. It’s this ease and convenience that appeals to me most. Sure my big girl cam shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as the iPhone but they are totally different tools. When it comes to capturing “happy snaps,” the iPhone rocks. That’s why I’ve started an Instagram 365 project – one iPhone picture a day. You should too. The snaps don’t have to be artsy or perfect – that’s another iPhone perk – it’s more casual. Just think of all the moments you will have at the end of the year. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

iPhone Tips

  • Pressing anywhere on the capture screen activates a blue square—a combined focus and exposure tool that gives you more control. Tap the square to grab focus on your subject and adjust your exposure.
  • With iOS 7 you can now shoot in “square” mode. It’s perfect if you publish to Instagram.
  • My favorite editing apps are PicTapGo and A Beautiful Mess.
  • To recap my 365 I’m using apps like Collect for a monthly review and Flipagram mostly because my kids like making music videos of their favorites.

Below is my 365 so far. I hope you start one too. My Instagram feed is abbemccrackenphotography and my 365 is #abbemccrackenphotography365. Using the # categorizes my personal collection and makes me feel cool. We’ll have a lesson on it soon too!

Updated January 2015: My iPhone 365 is done! Read My iPhoneography Top 10 to see my favorites and get even more tips. I learned a lot along the way. It was an amazing project and I love it as much today as I did when I initially wrote this post. Who’s ready for year 2? Me! This year’s Instagram # is #abbemccrackenphotography365year2. Please come follow and start your own. Tag me! I’d love to watch you shot and grow.

iPhone image - boy in bathtub from photographer Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

1/365 a sleepy yet clean start to 2014

iPhone image - father and daughter bonding from photographer Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

2/365 showing dad the flipagram SHE made

iPhone image - empty road with movement blur from photographer Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

3/365 family night out (Jay notes the “waxing crescent”)

iPhone image - out of focus sunlight from photographer Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

4/365 sun coming up over frost covered grass

iPhone image - a reflection of photographer Abbe McCracken standing on a sidewalk in the rain

5/365 rain reflection selfie

iPhone image - seashell still life from Charlotte photographer Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

6/265 dreaming of the beach as northern chills rolls in

iPhone image - box of goodies from Instagram 365

7/365 lost bday gift arrived full of my favorite treats

iPhone image - child reading Scat by Carl Hiaasen from Abbe McCracken's Instagram 365

8/365 bookworm

Need another personal project push? Check out my Project 52. Images are taken primarily with my Nikon D610 but several iPhone moments found their way onto the 52 over the holidays. It’s just too darn convenient. Grab your iPhone and start snapping!


Abbe McCracken is a natural light, on-location portrait and lifestyle photographer serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas of Matthews, Ballantyne, Weddington and beyond.  She specializes in family, child and event photography.  

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